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In this flash course, you will learn how the superhero avengers of the body assemble to fight of invaders like virus and bacteria.

Topics include:

  • The Innate immune system
  • The adaptive immune system
  • The complement system
  • How leukocytes communicate
  • Antigens and immoglobulins

You can also try out for The Immune Academy (TIA)! It is a series of quizzes that will result in a pretend grade, ranking you from the best "Natural Killer" to a IgD nobody. Or was it antibody? Who cares, it's gonna be fun.


This course has no requirements. Have at it.


Course Staff Image David Jahanlu

David Jahanlu

Associate Professor, dept. of Bioengineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University. David is a doctor and a teacher, constantly trying to improve his teachings to make it fun and engaging for his students. And when it comes to animation, he's the wiz.

Media Editor

Course Staff Image #1

Gabi Hurlen

Gabi has an MA in Media Studies and has worked at OsloMetX since its creation. Her official title is senior advisor, but since that really could mean anything, she would rather call herself a video or content producer and course creator.


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